Handmade in London

My great grandfather, Ernest Crook, once appeared on the cover of a book that tells the story of 20th century East End craftsmen. He was a French polisher. The book was called Handmade in London. My grandfather was also a French polisher, and upholsterer. And my father, who taught me a lot of what I know, was an upholsterer, too.

Working with Whiteman Interiors is working with four generations of craftspeople. For over half a century, we’ve crafted and brought back to life furniture for families across London and the south east. We’ve built relationships, practised our craft and handed down our skills. As a family and as a company, we've created furniture with a past, a present and a future.


I'm Chris Whiteman.

I craft individual furniture and bring older pieces back to life for families, interior designers, show homes and shops.

The Whiteman Collection showcases the individual furniture I create with my framemaker. Together, we design, build and finish pieces that are cherished for generations.